Year Mixes

A special chapter in The Dutch Dance Detective's life was making yearmixes for radio stations. A one hour mix with the finest selection of the best tracks of that year. A lot of those yearmixes were broadcasted on radio stations in Holland like: Vloh FM (Hoofddorp), Radio Haarlem (Haarlem) and de branding (Heemstede). Making those yearmixes was always having a hard time with frustrations and time deadlines. He likes to thank his parents for all the food dishes that were shove under the studiodoor and all the neighbours for the bass inconvenience in the month december.

Yearmix 1999
Yep! The last yearmix, it was enough torture every year in the month december. The reactions were enormous that year as it was broadcasted on several radio stations. Special thanks to Richard van Keulen for making the in- and outro
Track Artist Title Length
001 Intro Jaarmix 1999 Star Wars (the phantom menace) 1:04:12
002 Prince 1999  
003 Moloko bring it back  
004 Supercar tonite  
005 Wamdue Project king of my castle  
006 Will Smith wild wild west  
007 Emilia big big world  
008 Destiny’s Child bug a boo  
009 Jennifer Lopez waiting for tonight  
010 Basement Jaxx red alert  
011 Basement Jaxx rendez –vu  
012 Danny Tenaglia music is the answer  
013 Cassius cassius  
014 The Offspring why don't you get a job  
015 Cassius my feeling  
016 Miranda vamos a la playa  
017 Shaft sway  
018 Passion Fruit ringga ding dong song  
019 Eifel  blue  
020 Lou Bega mambo nr. 5  
021 Shania Twain I feel like a woman  
022 Paul Johnson get get down  
023 Gambafreaks down, down, down  
024 Grant Nelson step 2 me  
025 Whitney Houston it’s not right  
026 Madonna nothing really matters  
027 Soul Searcher can’t get enough  
028 Mr. Ozio flat beat  
029 Primeval run to me  
030 Nature trumpet gun  
031 Rhythmatic Junkies the feelin’  
032 Pancake don’t turn your back  
033 Phats & Small feel good  
034 Phats & Small turn a round  
035 Phats & Small september  
036 Bob Marley sun is shining  
037 Armand van Helden you don’t know me  
038 Ann Lee 2 times  
039 Avant Garde get down  
040 Robbie Rivera first the groove  
041 Chicane saltwater  
042 Alena turn it around  
043 C.R.W. I feel love  
044 Sweet Pussy Pauline heads, tits & ass  
045 Sidestep I like it  
046 Onephatdeeva in and out of my life  
047 Chili Hifly is it love  
048 Buzzy Bus you don’t stop!  
049 A.T.B. killer  
050 A.T.B. don’t stop  
051 Da Klubb Kings don’t stop  
052 Miss Jane it’s a fine day  
053 Groovelab stomp  
054 Cher strong enough  
055 Toybox my best friend  
056 Black & Brothers world wide party  
057 Mac Zimms active solution  
058 Da Klubb Kings everybody pump it!  
059 Sound Design coming on strong  
060 Dj Rene & da Groove love in my house  
061 Klubbheads release the pressure  
062 Dj Disco let’s dance  
063 Tina Cousins pray  
064 Club Royale extreme butterflies  
065 Brooklyn Bounce canda (rmx)  
066 Jens psycho strings  
067 Relic vs E. Graig feels like runnin’  
068 Tales from the Club the clubkeeper  
069 Sunclub splash  
070 Arrola dreaming  
071 The beatshop on the wild side  
072 T-Spoon summerlove  
073 Abba Teens mama mia  
074 The Originator give it all you got  
075 Scoop drop it  
076 Nightstalkers enjoy yourself  
077 Copycat out of sight  
078 Signum coming on strong  
079 Invisible Man give a little love  
080 Candy Girls bom da de  
081 Club Robbers flat beat  
082 Dj Jurgen better of alone  
083 Alice Deejay back in my life  
084 Pronti & Kalmani movin’ around  
085 Velocity I am ready  
086 Dj Jean the launch  
087 summer Madness planet rio  
088 The Multidubbers see you in court  
089 Da rick rumble  
090 Perfect Phase horny horns  
091 Anglia out of grace  
092 Strings of Harmony sadeness  
093 Gouryella gouryella  
094 Faithless why go ?  
095 Art of Trance madagascar  
096 Kinky Boy what is love ?  
097 M.l.B. Project watch it  
098 Vengaboys we’re going to ibiza  
099 Poco Loco Gang poco loco gang  
100 Poco Loco Gang tropical paradise  
101 Poco Loco Gang let's go to the party  
102 Vengaboys kiss  
103 Stars on  feel it  
104 Sound Design happiness  
105 Bob ltd. piano 2000  
106 Dj Jose wrong = right  
107 Semtex narcotic  
108 Lock 'n' Load blow your mind  
109 Hani baby wants to ride  
110 Yomanda synth & strings  
111 Mac & Mac that’s what you are  
112 Dj Stephen infinity  
113 Tommy Tone put ya hands to da sound  
114 Pulsedriver IV kiss that sound  
115 Pulsedriver IV I dominate you  
116 Fragma toca me  
117 Veracocha carte blanche  
118 Gouryella walhalla  
119 System F out of the blue  
120 Outro Jaarmix 1999 Star Wars (the phantom menace)  
Yearmix 1998    
First yearmix made on a computer with a multitracker. This was all and all problems as the computer crashed for loading to much samples. It is really true that the first 15 minutes were difinitely lost forever and Rene van Aken had to start all over again. Special thanks to Richard van Keulen for making the professional in- and outro. Broadcasted on several radio stations
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro Jaarmix 1998 Dj Taz vs Richard van Keulen 1:03:54 min
002 Mousse T vs. Hot 'n' Juicy horny '98  
003 Wildchild renegade master '98  
004 Stardust music sounds better with you  
005 Nomads yakalelo  
006 Freestylers ruffneck  
007 Janet lonely  
008 Celine Dion my heart will go on  
009 The Black & White Brothers put your hands up in the air  
010 The Temperer feat. Maya feel it  
011 Minimal Funk 2 the groovy thang  
012 U.B.M. lovin' you  
013 Madonna frozen  
014 All Saints bootie call  
015 K Ci & Jojo  don't rush (take love slowly)  
016 Queen feat. Wyclef Jean anotherone bites the dust  
017 Ravan Mase forever together  
018 Run DMC feat. Jason Nevins it's like that  
019 Novy vs. Eniac superstar  
020 Faithless God is a dj  
021 Frank Ó Moiraghi vs Amnesia show me  
022 A vs B  ripped in 2 minutes  
023 187 Lockdown kung fu  
024 Buzzy Bus vs Andrew M  jump  
025 Jocelyn Brown ain't no mountain high enough  
026 Total Touch love me in slowmotion  
027 The Tamperer vs Maya  if you buy this record…  
028 666 alarma  
029 Junkfood Junkies work it  
030 Mark Van Dale With Enrico  power woman  
031 2 Brothers on the 4th floor  the sun will be shining  
032 Gala suddenly  
033 Lovestation teardrops  
034 Triple S whoop (there it is)  
035 Billy Hendriks body shine  
036 Square Minds give all I got  
037 ATB  9 PM (till I come)  
038 Toni Di Bart the real thing '98  
039 Cher believe  
040 Les Indiscretes without you  
041 The Happy Groover when I snap my fingers  
042 Serious Danger deeper part 1  
043 Dixie's Gang el ritmo tropical  
044 Loona bailando  
045 Dario G carnaval de Paris  
046 C.L.S. can you feel it  
047 A.T.G.O.C. repeated love  
048 Mark van Dale with Enrico  waterverve  
049 Klubbheads kickin' hard  
050 Storm storm  
051 Boys 'r' Us singin' in my mind  
052 Cab 'n' Crew disarm slidebars  
053 R.O.O.S. living in a dream  
054 2 Unlimited the edge of dream  
055 8th Wonder vs. Dj Marco & Benjamin take me up  
056 F-action thanks to you  
057 Sil windows '98  
058 Kafé can you feel it '98  
059 Three Drives on a Vinyl turkey 2000  
060 Problem Boy self control  
061 Mac Zimms feel what I'm feeling  
062 Tina Cousins pray  
063 Sash! vs. Tina Cousins misterious times  
064 Niels van Gogh pulvertum  
065 Human Resource dominator '98  
066 Sunbox belong  
067 Dj Jean u got my love  
068 Klubbheads vs Mark van Dale raise your hands up in the air  
069 Alabama 3 speed of the sound of loneliness  
070 The Soca Boys vs van B. King bumpin' (keep on bumpin')  
071 Vengaboys up & down  
072 Vengaboys we like to party  
073 Vengaboys boom boom boom boom !  
074 Miss Peppermint let me hear the dj  
075 Beatbox dail m for moguai  
076 Mac Zimms the saxshop  
077 Another Level freak me  
078 Enrico the hardclubber  
079 Grooveyard vs Michel de Hey everybody in the street  
080 Olav Basoski gotta get movin'  
081 Camisra let me show you  
082 The Prodigy smack my bitch up  
083 Copycat eastern dreams  
084 Perpetual Motion keep on dancing  
085 Luna Mora music for everybody  
086 Pronti & Kalmani movin' around  
087 2 Unlimited wanna get up  
088 Urban Heads talking to you  
089 Next Generation are u ready  
090 Sidewalk Technician watch dis  
091 Sash! vs Shannon  move mania  
092 The Soca Boys follow the leader  
093 Ayla ayla part II  
094 Carlos rush me  
095 Carlos the simarillia  
096 Southside spinners luvstruck  
097 Summer Madness summer power  
098 Paul van Dijk for an angel  
099 Bo Retro sl-edge-d  
100 Moonman don't be afraid (of the power)  
101 The Cardigans my favourite gane  
102 Jens loops & things '98  
103 Classifies Project resurrection  
104 Dj Quicksilver planet love  
105 Brooklyn Bounce contact  
106 Dumonde tomorrow  
107 Steve Morley reincarnations  
108 Strings of Harmony part 1  
109 Outro Jaarmix 1998 Bouncy airlines vs Blox  
Yearmix 1997    
This was the last yearmix to be made on a taperecorder as computers made there way through. A special and professional yearmix, very nice to hear back sometimes as this was a great year for dance music. It was broadcasted on several radio stations. Special thanks to Richard van Keulen for making the in- and outro
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro Jaarmix 1997 theme from MIB 1:12:20 min
002 Will Smith men in black  
003 Daft Punk around the world  
004 Backstreet Boys everybody  
005 The Course ring my bell  
006 The Course ain't nobody  
007 Whirlpool Productions from disco to disco  
008 The Cardigans lovefool (remixes)  
009 Michael Jackson history  
010 Ultra Nate free  
011 Nice and Nasty close II you  
012 Wes alane  
013 Blackstreet need a fix  
014 Blueboy remember me  
015 Moby James Bond theme  
016 Brainbug nightmare  
017 Nu Yorican Soul runaway  
018 Sangwara don't speak  
019 Todd Terry somethings going on  
020 Flashback black Betty  
021 Daft Punk burning  
022 Bellini samba de Janero  
023 Ce Ce Peniston finaly '97  
024 Gala let the boy cry  
025 2 Eivissa oh la la la  
026 Olive not alone  
027 Karen Young hot shot '97  
028 Stevie V dirty cash  
029 Aqua barbie girl  
030 Blackout gotta have hope  
031 Tank can you feel the bass  
032 Da Hool meet her at the loveparade  
033 The Sunclub single minded people  
034 Isco funky town  
035 Sash equador  
036 Energy 52 café del mar  
037 Klubbheads discohopping  
038 The groovemasters the crowd is movin'  
039 Triple S keep your head  
040 De Bos on the run  
041 Boston Dj's move your body  
042 Object One ping pong  
043 Jean & Peran let yourself go  
044 Club Royale losing sleep  
045 Kay Merry Go Round tales from the krib  
046 Red 5 I love you stop  
047 Sash stay  
048 Tina Cousins killin' time  
049 Nalin & Kane beachball  
050 R.O.O.S. instant moments  
051 Vengaboys parada de tettas  
052 Gimmick why you wanna hurt me  
053 PM Project u know I want you  
054 Dj Quicksilver I have a dream  
055 Future Breeze why don't you dance with me  
056 Porn Kings amour  
057 Rainbox seed, scattered  
058 Syntone heal my world  
059 Sunclub fiesta  
060 Antiloop in my mind  
061 Outro Jaarmix 1995 theme from MIB  
Yearmix 1995    
To deliver a yearmix each year was hard work as it toke some much time to put all the tracks together. This year was a little bit different in that way, a selection of the 60 best club track were made. An easy but very nice mix was the result. This is the first mix without all the R&B tracks, just uptempo dance, club and house 
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro Jaarmix 1995 Batman forever 59:11 min
002 Kellee my love  
003 The Outhere Brothers boom, boom, boom  
004 Londonbeat I've been thinking about you '95  
005 2 Unlimited do what's good for me  
006 Klubbheads work this pussy  
007 Sin With Sebastian shut up (and sleep with me)  
008 Corona baby baby  
009 Playahitty The summer is magic  
010 2 Brothers on the 4th floor fly  
011 La Bouche sweet dreams  
012 Grooveyard Mary go wild  
013 Ace of Base beautiful life  
014 La Bouche be my lover  
015 Whigfield last christmas  
016 Me & My dub I dub  
017 Culture Beat inside out  
018 Nance love is  
019 T-Spoon see the light  
020 2 Unlimited here I go  
021 Kadoc you got to be there  
022 JX 2 you belong to me  
023 Free 2 Dance piece of heaven  
024 E-Type this is the way  
025 Haddaway fly away  
026 Scatman John scatman  
027 Capella tell me the way  
028 Double Vision knockin'  
029 Double Vision all right  
030 Midtro Jaarmix 1995 Badman forever  
031 Coolio gangsta's paradise  
032 TLC waterfalls  
033 Monica don't take it personel (just one of dem days)  
034 Diana King shy guy  
035 Skee-lo I wish  
036 Montell Jordan this is how we do it  
037 N-Trance stayin' alive  
038 Bobby Brown 2 can play that game  
039 Michael & Janet Jackson scream  
040 Ace of Base lucky love  
041 De'lacy hideaway  
042 The Nightcrawlers push the feeling on  
043 Shaggy boombastic  
044 Mariah Carey fantasy  
045 Ruffneck everybody be somebody  
046 Oleta Adams never knew love  
047 E.B.T.G. missing  
048 Sweetbox feat tempest Booyah, here we go  
049 Wildchild legends of the dark black part 2  
050 Real McCoy love & devotion  
051 Alex Party don't give me your life  
052 Whigfield think of you  
053 20 fingers feat Roula lick it  
054 Skibby feat King Lover feel my riddim  
055 The Original I love u baby  
056 Strike u sure do  
057 Mighty Dub Katz magic carpet ride  
058 Pizzaman sex on the streets  
Yearmix 1994    
This yearmix was broadcasted on radio Haarlem and Vloh FM (holland). It became commen to use a movie for the in- and outro. The movie hit of this year was definitely Jurrasic park. A nice fact is that the mix was finished only 10 minutes before broadcasting on radio. Rene needed those 10 minutes to drive to the radio studio (excluding red traffic lights) 
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro jaarmix 1994 Jurassic Park I 55:16 min
002 Urban Cookie Collective bring it on home  
003 Dr. Alban away from home  
004 Ace of Base don't turn around  
005 Warren G & Nate D.  regulate  
006 K7 hi da ho  
007 Arrested Devolpment ease my mind  
008 M People don't look any futher  
009 Dj Bobo everybody  
010 Salt 'n Pepa whatta man  
011 Shabba Ranks family affair  
012 Positive K I got a man  
013 Ce Ce Peniston I'm in the mood  
014 C+C Music Factory wanna get funky  
015 Coolio fantastic voyage  
016 Aswad shine  
017 Louis Armstrong here we go  
018 K7  come baby come  
019 Dj Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince can't wait to be with you  
020 Ace of Base living in danger  
021 TOC do bob sh'bob  
022 Symboll beautifull girl  
023 Heavy D & the Boys this is your night  
024 Saget fuck dat  
025 The Fog been a long time  
026 Ce Ce Peniston hit by love  
027 Robin S I wanna thank you  
028 Jaki Graham ain't nobody  
029 Mariah Carey any time  
030 Janet Jackson throb  
031 Crystal Waters 100% pure love  
032 Donna Summer melody of love  
033 Dajea is it all over my face  
034 Bjork big time sensuality  
035 Shawn Christopher make my love  
036 Ce Ce Peniston keep givin' me your love  
037 Sugar Lee Hooper hot shot  
038 Aretha Franklin a deeper love  
039 The Flavor no matter what you do  
040 Chenelle work that body  
041 D:ream the best thing  
042 D:ream things can only get better  
043 The boss congo  
044 Reel II Real I like to move it  
045 Reel II Real go on move  
046 Reel II Real can you feel it ?  
047 Reel II Real raise you hands  
048 2 in a room el trago  
049 South Street Player who keeps changing  
050 Robin S back it up  
051 Klatsch save the queer  
052 Mr. V give me life  
053 The Real Mc Coy another night  
054 Kristine W feel what you want  
055 20 fingers short dick man  
056 Livin' Joy dreamer  
057 Rednex pop in an oak  
058 Loaded trippin' on sunshine  
059 Lick got to move your body  
060 Corona the rhythm of the night  
061 Tag Team whoomp  
062 Tony di Bart real thing  
063 Tony di Bart do it  
064 Whigfield saturday night  
065 Whigfield another day  
066 The Riders bang  
067 The Outhere Brothers la la la hey hey  
068 The Outhere Brothers don't stop (wiggle wiggle)  
069 The Good Men damn woman  
070 Twenty 4 Seven take me away  
071 Blackwood all I gave to you  
072 Gloria Estefan turn the beat around  
073 JX son of a gun  
074 Sonic Surfers don't you give it up  
075 Atlantic Ocean body in motion  
076 Semper forever  
077 Atlantic Ocean waterfall  
078 T-Spoon where are u now  
079 T-Spoon take me 2 the limit  
080 Haddaway rock my heart  
081 Tapp shake that ass  
082 Doop doop  
083 Ice Mc think about the way  
084 Ice Mc it's a rainy day  
085 Maxx get a way  
086 Sonic Surfers every body  
087 Dr. Alban look who's talking now  
088 2 Brother on the 4th Floor let me be free  
089 Capella move it up  
090 Capella you and me  
091 Capella move on baby  
092 2 Brother on the 4th Floor dreams  
093 Rednex cotton eye joe  
094 The 2 Cowboys everybody conficon  
095 Dynamic Base Afrika  
096 Warp 9 wammer slammer  
097 Kym Mazelle no more tears  
098 Motiv 8 rockin' for myself  
099 Urban Cookie Collective high on a happy vibes  
100 T-Spoon no time 2 waste  
101 Kim Sanders tell me that you want me  
102 Dr. Alban let the beat go on  
103 Twenty 4 Seven leave them alone  
104 Magic Affair give me all your love  
105 Magic Affair omen III  
106 Jam & Spoon find me  
107 2 Unlimited no one  
108 Maxx no more  
109 E-rotic max don't have sex  
110 Dulfer street beats  
111 2 Unlimited let the beat control you body  
112 Shades of Rhythm musical freedom  
113 2 Unlimited the real thing  
114 Modo eins zwei polizei  
115 The Prodigy no good  
116 Snap welcome to tomorrow  
117 Outro Jaarmix 1994  
Yearmix 1993    
This is a great yearmix and in this year the broadcasts on radio started. On 17 december 1993 and 14 january 1994 this yearmix was broadcasted on radio Haarlem (Holland). On 18 and 31 december 1993 the yearmix was broadcasted on Vloh FM (Holland)    
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro Jaarmix 1993 59:36 min
002 Ace of Base all that she wants  
003 SWV right here  
004 Ace of Base wheel of fortune  
005 Snow girl, I've been hurt  
006 Ace of Base happy nation  
007 Janet Jackson that's the way love goes  
008 Salt 'n Pepa shoop  
009 Naughty by Nature hip hop hooray  
010 Snow informer  
011 Dj Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince boom shake the room  
012 Stakka Bo here we go  
013 Inner Soul Xpression get up  
014 Neneh Cherry buddy x  
015 Jade  don't walk away  
016 Mick Jagger sweet thing  
017 Tony Toni Tone if I had no loot  
018 Arrested Development mr. wendal  
019 Captain Hollywood Project all I want  
020 French Connection I don't like reggae  
021 Candy Dulfer sax a go go  
022 Flip da Scrip throw your hands in the air  
023 Johnny Gill the floor  
024 Boy Crazy that's what love can do  
025 Janet Jackson if  
026 Whitney Houston queen of the night  
027 Kim Wilde if I can't have you  
028 Black Box rockin' to the music  
029 Madonna fever  
030 Robin S luv 4 luv  
031 Zhane hey mr. dj  
032 Gabrielle going nowhere  
033 Tears 'n Joy I will always love you  
034 Jenny Bee wanna get your love  
035 Rob 'n Raz clubhopping  
036 Mariah Carey dreamlover  
037 Taylor Dayne can't get enough of your love  
038 Whitney Houston I'm every woman  
039 M People one night in heaven  
040 Robin S show me love  
041 Dr. Alban sing hallelujah !  
042 Sybil feat. West end the love I lost  
043 Dj Bobo somebody dance with me  
044 Dj Bobo keep on dancing  
045 Haddaway what is love  
046 Bizarre inc. feat. Angie took my love  
047 Freddie Mercury living on my own  
048 Frankie Goes To Hollywood relax  
049 Gabrielle dreams  
050 Urban Cookie Collective feels like heaven  
051 Club 69 take a ride  
052 M People moving on up  
053 Dajae u got me up  
054 Robin S what I do best  
055 The Good Men give it up  
056 Capricorn 20Hz  
057 Staxx joy  
058 Sub Sub feat Melanie Williams ain't no love  
059 Def Dames Dope it's OK, it's allright  
060 Heaven 17 temptation  
061 Take That could it be magic  
062 I to I the right time  
063 Rupaul supermodel  
064 Captain Hollywood Project more and more  
065 Deborah Wilson free  
066 Jaydee plastic dreams  
067 Rene et Gaston vallee de larmes  
068 Ricky Rouge strange love  
069 TC. 1993 harmony  
070 Haddaway life  
071 Kim Sanders show me  
072 Rob 'n Raz in command  
073 CM Milton send me an angel  
074 2 Boys I won't let you down  
075 Tina Turner disco inferno  
076 Melodie MC dum da dum  
077 Urban Cookie Collective the key, the secret  
078 2 unlimited tribal dance  
079 2 unlimited maximum overdrive  
080 2 unlimited faces  
081 2 brothers on the 4th Floor never alone  
082 Klatsch oh boy !  
083 Usura open your mind  
084 Capella u got to know  
085 Quazar unity  
086 Twenty 4 Seven slave to the music  
087 Culture Beat got to get it  
088 Culture Beat mr. vain  
089 Captain Hollywood Project impossible  
090 Wilde Passion feat. Cherryl oh la la  
091 U96 love sees no colour  
092 Capella u got 2 let the music  
093 Snap do you see the light  
094 L.A. Style balloon  
095 Dance 2 Trance power of American natives  
096 Def Dames Dope ain't nothing to it  
097 Booby Trax don't go  
098 Minnesote what's up  
099 Twenty 4 Seven is it love  
100 Pinocchio tu tatuta tuta ta  
101 Ramirez terapia  
102 2 unlimited no limit  
103 Culture Beat anything  
104 The Ultimate seduction badada  
105 Pinocchio Pinocchio  
106 Ramirez el gallinero  
107 Hocus Pocus here's Johnny  
108 Outro Jaarmix 1993  
Yearmix 1992    
A lot of (plasic) tape was used during those yearmixes, sometimes 8 kilometre. In one month time (december) it was working overtime at night and in the weekends to finish the yearmix. The inaudible intro of this yearmix was spoken by Angelique Vermeulen    
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro feat. Angelique Vermeulen Jaarmix 1992 58:59 min
002 The Cover Girls wishing on a star  
003 L.S.O.B. on a Sunday afternoon  
004 A.L.T. & the Lost Civilization tequila  
005 Dr. Alban one love  
006 En Voque my lovin'  
007 Naughty by Nature o.p.p.  
008 Del tha Funkeehomosapien mistadobalina  
009 Salt 'n Pepa start me up  
010 Soul II Soul joy  
011 Soul II Soul move me no mountain  
012 Michael Jackson who is it ?  
013 Kriss Kross jump  
014 Kriss Kross warm it up  
015 Eric B & Rakim don't sweat the technique  
016 Joe Public live and learn  
017 Teddy Riley is it good to you ?  
018 Jon Secada just another day  
019 Black Machine funky funky people  
020 Black Machine how gee !  
021 Color me Badd heartbreaker  
022 Incognito don't worry 'bout a thing  
023 Bobby Brown humpin' around  
024 Neneh Cherry monie love  
025 Jovanotti libera l'anima  
026 Jody Watley I'm the one you need  
027 Lionel Richie my destiny  
028 Heavy D & the Boys the lover  
029 R. Kelly she's got that vibe  
030 Zhype used to be your lover  
031 Mike Davis ain't no stoppin' us now  
032 Cookie Crew like brother like sister  
033 US3 cantaloop  
034 Def la Fresh & the Fresh Witness feel the rhythm  
035 Zhype swingin'  
036 Dj Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince the things that u do  
037 Chic your love  
038 Michael Jackson in the closet  
039 Michael Jackson remember the time  
040 Shawn Christopher don't lose the magic  
041 Jamie Loring love or infatuation  
042 Was (not was) shake your head  
043 Maurice Joshua I gotta hold on u  
044 Michael Jackson jam  
045 Chic chic mystique  
046 Double You please don't go  
047 Double You we all need love  
048 Double You who's fooling who  
049 Army of Lovers ride the bullet  
050 Off-shore feat. Jocelyn Brown got to get away  
051 Beckie Bell I'll never know  
052 Sophia running so hard  
053 Salt 'n Pepa expression  
054 TLC ain't to proud 2 beg  
055 Madonna deeper and deeper  
056 Mc Brains oochie coochie  
057 Ce Ce Peniston we got a love thang  
058 Ce Ce Peniston finally  
059 Ce Ce Peniston keep on walkin'  
060 Kim Sims take my advice  
061 Richenel fascination for love  
062 Mr. Lee take me higher  
063 Soul System it's gonna be a lovely day  
064 Bassheads is there anybody out there ?  
065 Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson the best things in life are free  
066 Cathy Dennis you lied to me  
067 Jordy dur dur d'etre be be !  
068 Innercity pennies from heaven  
069 The Reese Project the color of love  
070 C+C Music Factory keep it comin'  
071 Clivilles + Cole a deeper love  
072 East Side Beat ride like the wind  
073 Rozalla faith (in the power of love)  
074 Nomad your love is lifting me  
075 Undercover never let her slip away  
076 Undercover bakerstreet  
077 Beckie Bell steppin' out tonight  
078 Club 69 let me be your underwear  
079 Lil Louis & the World club lonely  
080 Fortuna o fortuna  
081 U96 das boot  
082 2 the core have a nice day  
083 Opus III it's a fine day  
084 Exclusive system get on down !  
085 Sophia stay  
086 Snap rhythm is a dancer  
087 Right Said Fred don't talk just kiss  
088 Right Said Fred love for all seasons  
089 Sonic Surfers feat. Jocelyn Brown take me up  
090 Sonic Surfers having a great time  
091 Twenty 4 Seven it could have been you  
092 The Shamen ebeneezer goode  
093 Rozalla are you ready to fly  
094 Rozalla love breakdown  
095 MCMXCII ich bin von kopf bis fuss…  
096 2 Hyped Brothers & a Dog doo doo brown  
097 Hyper Go Go high  
098 Bizarre inc. I'm gonna get you  
099 2 Unlimited twilight zone  
100 2 Unlimited the magic friend  
101 2 Unlimited workaholic  
102 Rage run to you  
103 Dr. Alban it's my life  
104 Felix don't you want me  
105 Felix it will make me crazy  
106 Outro Jaarmix 1992  
Yearmix 1991    
Making yearmixes was a lot of work, for some reason this mix was never finished. In the intro are the first signs of Rene van Aken's love for movies. In this mix a rip from a favourite "Terminator II". Bying a sampler was a very good idea and you can hear this in the mix
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro jaarmix 1991 Terminator II (Rise of the machines) 42:31 min
002 Dj Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince summertime  
003 Whitney Houston my name is not Susan  
004 ? I wanna dance with you  
005 Banderas this is your life  
006 Vanilla Ice play that funky music  
007 Kenny Thomas Thinking about your love  
008 Dr. Alban no coke  
009 Whitney Houston I belong to you  
010 Color Me Badd I wanna sex you up  
011 Shanice I love your smile  
012 ? hold my body tight  
013 Joy shine on  
014 808 State feat Bjork oops  
015 A Tribe Called Quest can I kick it  
016 ? so good  
017 Snap colour of love  
018 Seal crazy  
019 Mariah Carey there's got to be a way  
020 Army of Lovers obsession  
021 The Real Milli Vanilli too late (true love)  
022 The Simpsons do the Bartman  
023 Gods Gift love to see you cry  
024 De la Soul ring, ring, ring  
025 Powercut girls  
026 Black Box open your eyes  
027 Mantronix flower child  
028 Lisa Standfield change  
029 Salt 'n Pepa you showed me  
030 Loose Bruce & A.R.C. Moe Rock she's a brickhouse (give it up)  
031 Color Me Badd all 4 love  
032 Salt 'n Pepa let's talk about sex  
033 S.O.S. Band borrowed love  
034 Infobeat we've got the funk  
035 The Rolling Stones sexdrive  
036 Tony Toni Tone whatever you want  
037 Sheena Easton you can swing it  
038 Mariah Carey someday  
039 Drizabone real love  
040 ? ?  
041 Prince get off  
042 Karyn White romantic  
043 Sheena Easton what comes naturally  
044 Joey B Ellis go for it !  
045 Basic Black whatever it takes  
046 Guy d-o-g me out  
047 Incognito crazy for you  
048 Danube Dance feat. Kim Cooper unique  
049 The K.L.F. justified and ancient  
050 Simply red something got me started  
051 B.G. The Prince Of Rap this beat is hot  
052 The Source feat Candy Staton you got the love  
053 ? ?  
054 Awesome I don't take no crap  
055 Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam let the beat hit 'em  
056 ? ?  
057 C+C Music Factory gonna make you sweat  
058 C+C Music Factory here we go  
059 C+C Music Factory things that make go mmm  
060 Mantronix don't go messin' with my heart  
061 Stereo Mc's lost in music  
062 Rene van Aken the Bundy's  
063 ? ?  
064 Tony Scott from da soul  
065 Carl Linger super love  
066 Donya system lover  
067 Massive attack unfinished sympathy  
068 ? ?  
069 Mariah Carey emotions  
070 Michael Jackson black or white  
071 Incognito always there  
072 De la Soul saturday (rollerskating)  
073 Londonbeat this is your life  
074 Cathy Dennis everybody move  
075 People in town read my lips  
076 Nomad devotions  
077 Boyz II Men feat. Tony Scott underpressure  
078 New Jack Style egoist  
079 Boy George generations of love  
080 Vanessa Williams running back to you   
081 ? ?  
082 King Bee cold slammin'  
083 Dj Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince ring my bell  
084 Black Box strike it up  
085 Donya you should be rockin'  
086 Madonna resque me  
087 Kym Sims too blind to see it  
088 Cathy Dennis touch me (all night long)  
089 Sonic Surfers beat of zen  
090 Secchi keep on jammin  
091 Secchi I say yeah  
092 The K.L.F. 3 a.m. eternal  
093 Spanish Energy loca noche  
094 Crystal Waters gipsy woman (she's homeless)  
095 Crystal Waters makin' happy  
096 Bingo Boys how to dance  
097 The Shamen move any mountain  
098 Salt 'n Pepa do you really want me  
099 Alison Limerick where love lives  
100 Chimo Bayo a si mi gusta a mi  
101 Tony Scott gimme some (swing it baby)  
102 Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch good vibration  
103 Heavy D & the Boyz now that we found love  
104 Lonnie Gordon gonna catch you  
105 Army of Lovers crucified  
106 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor turn the music up  
107 D-parture heartbeat  
108 The K.L.F. train to trance central  
109 2 unlimited get ready for this  
110 Human Recource dominator  
111 Culture Beat no deeper meaning  
112 ? ?  
113 Quadrophenia the way of the future  
114 Channel X groove to move  
115 Quadrophenia Quadrophenia  
116 Channel X rave the rhythm  
117 ? ?  
118 L.A. Style James Brown is dead  
119 Holy Noise James Brown is still alive  
120 Traumatic Stress who the fuck is James Brown ?  
121 Rozalla everybody's free  
Yearmix 1990    
Making yearmixes was a lot of work, for some reason this mix was never finished. To bad because the first 20 minutes are very uplifting. In the intro there is big drumband, Rene van Aken actualy played in this band as a drummer     
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro jaarmix 1990 19:32 min
002 Kaotic Stylin don't waste your time  
003 En Voque hold on  
004 Sybil walk on by  
005 Nina Hagen New York  
006 JT and the Big Family moments in soul  
007 Soul II Soul missing you  
008 Maxi Priest close to you  
009 En Voque lies  
010 Beats International dub be good to me  
011 20th Century feat. Joy happy  
012 Maureen Walsh thinking of you  
013 Enigma sadnesss  
014 Diana Brown & Bazzie sun workshippers  
015 DNA feat Suzanne Vega Tom's diner  
016 Aswad next to you  
017 Salt 'n Pepa feat Sybil independent  
018 Sybil crazy 4 U  
019 Maxi Priest peace through out the world  
020 Madonna justify my love  
021 Pebbles giving you the benefit  
022 Neneh Cherry I've got you under my skin  
023 Innocence silent voice  
024 Caron Wheeler livin' in the light  
025 Snap ooops up  
026 Soul II Soul a dreams a dream  
027 Janet Jackson love will never do  
028 Caron Wheeler UK black  
029 Sybil I wanna be when you are  
030 Melba More do you really want my love  
031 The Family Stand ghetto heaven  
032 Beats International won't talk about it  
033 Madonna keep it together  
034 Ben Liebrand feat Nasty Chat I wish  
035 Chad Jackson hear the drummer  
036 Mantronix got to have your love  
037 Run DMC what's it all about  
038 Kid Frost la raza  
039 Monie Love it's a shame  
040 The Pasadenas love thing  
041 Girl Street got to have  
042 Jungle Brothers what u waitin' for  
043 Siedah Garret I don't go for that  
044 Boo Yaa Tribe psyko funk  
Yearmix 1989    
The technique and quality became better in the second year. Almost every track came from vinyl records    
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro jaarmix 1989 59:58 min
002 Wee Papa Girl Rappers soul mate  
003 Wendy & Lisa lolly lolly  
004 Nenneh Cherry manchild  
005 Lisa Lisa a little Jacky  
006 De la Soul potholes in my lawn  
007 Milli Vanilli blame it on the rain  
008 Nenneh Cherry inna city mama  
009 Soul II Soul keep on movin'  
010 Soul II Soul get a life  
011 Soul II Soul jazzy's groove  
012 Lisa Stansfield all around the world  
013 The Shape of a Man mazzaraty  
014 Malcolm McClarren walz darling  
015 Milli Vanilli baby, don't forget my number  
016 Phil Collins another day in paradise  
017 Soul II Soul back to life  
018 Arthur Baker the message is LOVE  
019 Ruth Joy don't push it  
020 Jody Watley friends  
021 S.O.S. Band missing your love  
022 Tom Jenkins like it is  
023 Michael Jeffrey & Karen what I gonna do  
024 James Ingram I wanna come back  
025 Aleph I'm in danger  
026 Grace Jones love a job of love  
027 New Edition crusual  
028 Blue Magic Romeo & Julliet  
029 Alison Williams my love is so raw  
030 Nenneh Cherry buffalo stance  
031 Heavy D & the Boyz somebody for me  
032 Fast Eddie I can't get that from you  
033 Shaka Zulu we are growing  
034 The Jacksons nothing compares 2 u  
035 Twenty 4 Seven I can't stand it  
036 Mac Band all of my love  
037 Alison Williams sleeptalk  
038 K Shy IT you're one  
039 Kool Moe Dee they want money  
040 Paul Lawrence I ain't with it  
041 Matt Bianco nervous  
042 Sheena Easton days like this  
043 David a Stewart Lili was here  
044 Fine Young Canniballs she drives me crazy  
045 Holly Johnson America  
046 Jody Watley real love  
047 De la Soul say no go  
048 De la Soul eye know  
049 Prince batdance  
050 Rob Base & Dj Easy Rock joy and pain  
051 Red Heat do the right thing  
052 El DeBarge real love  
053 Art of Noise paranoimia '89  
054 5 Star with every beat of my heart  
055 Today take it of  
056 Randy & the Gipsy pulpetraders  
057 Tony Terry forget the girl  
058 Pop Music pop music  
059 Georgio car freak  
060 LL Cool J it get's no rougher  
061 Joyce Erbie mr. dj  
062 Deja going crazy  
063 Bobby Brown my prerocketive  
064 Liodis the man's on a mission  
065 Troop I'm not soupped  
066 Donna Allen can we talk  
067 Real Roxanne Roxanne's on a roll  
068 Janet Jackson rhythm nation  
069 Roxanne live on stage  
070 Janet Jackson miss you much  
071 Midnight Starr snake in the grass  
072 Paula Abdul straight up  
073 Madonna like a prayer  
074 Novo Band dance non-stop  
075 Bill Withers Harlem '89  
076 Dance Classics the mix  
077 Sugar Hill Gang rappers delight  
078 Madonna express yourself  
079 Yazz where has all the love gone  
080 Sheena Easton the lover in me  
081 Heavy D & the Boyz we got our own thing  
082 Tony Scott the chief  
083 Young Mc bust amove  
084 De la Soul me myself and I  
085 Monie Love I can do this  
086 Paul Simson & Adeva musical freedom  
087 Mac Money one on one  
088 Teddy Riley & Guy my fantasy  
089 Rob Base & Dj Easy Rock turn it up  
090 Rob 'n Raz & Leila K got to get  
091 Little Little tickle me  
092 The Revellettes sign of love  
093 Mysterious Art the omen  
094 Nenneh Cherry kisses on the wind  
095 Double Trouble street tuff  
096 Edelweiss bring me edelweiss  
097 Eric & The Goodfeeling good good feeling  
098 Ram Jam black Betty  
099 Mixmasters dig this  
100 Fast Eddie work your body  
101 D Mob it's time to get funky  
102 2 in a Room do what you want  
103 E.Z. Posse everyting begins with an E  
104 Bizz Nizz watch out for Bizz Nizz  
105 Concrete Beat I want you  
106 Kim Mazelle & Robert wait  
107 Sydney Youngblood if only I could  
108 Living in a Box blow the house down  
109 Petra & Co just let go  
110 Black Box ride on time  
111 Roxanne number one  
112 Paula Abdul forever your girl  
113 Expose what you don't know  
114 S' Express mantra for a state of mine  
115 Rob Base & Dj Easy Rock get on the dancefloor  
116 Doug Lazy let it roll  
117 Tone Loc wild thing  
118 The Beatmasters I can't dance  
119 The Beatmasters who's in the house  
120 Skinny Scotty I can handle it  
121 Kiss AMC a bit of U2  
122 Rocco marine  
123 The Beatmasters warm love  
124 Twenty 4 Seven I can't stand it  
125 Fast Eddie that's bad  
126 Lord KCB housin' it  
127 Tony Scott that's how I'm living  
128 Tony Scott get into it  
129 The Mixmasters grandpiano  
130 Coldcut people hold on  
131 Lil Louis french kiss  
132 Starlight numero uno  
133 Mr. Lee get busy  
134 Joe Smooth promise land  
135 Debbie Gibson electronic youth  
136 Ten City that's the way love is  
137 Selena timebomb  
138 Jeff Wayne eve of the war  
139 2 in a Room take me away  
140 Tragic Error tanzen  
141 King Bee let's take it home  
142 Honesty 69 french kiss  
143 Tyree hardcore  
144 Technotronic get up  
145 Technotronic this beat is technotronic  
146 Technotronic pump up the jam  
147 Kraze let's play house  
148 Monie Love grandpa's party  
149 Fast Eddie get on up  
150 Tyree move your body  
151 The Mixmasters it's about time  
152 Tyree the nation of hip house  
153 Kool Rock Steady you ain't nobody  
154 Fast Eddie let's go  
155 S' Express hey music lover  
156 Cees & Bart wake up, it's party time  
157 Double Trouble just keep rocking  
Yearmix 1988    
The first Rene van Aken yearmix. Things started simple, it leaves a lot to be desired. This mix even contains tracks from cassette tapes, that makes the sound quality not very good. Everything was recorded on a tape recorder and cut together with plastic tape.   
Track Artist Title Lenght
001 Intro jaarmix 1988 59:17 min
002 La toya Jackson you gonna get rocked  
003 Joys Sims come into my life  
004 Tony Terry lovey dovey  
005 Phil Collins in the air tonight  
006 Wee papa girl rappers we rule  
007 Bomb the Bass say a little prayer  
008 George Michael monkey  
009 Ellis Beggs & Howard big bubbles no troubles  
010 Public enemy don't believe the hype  
011 Milli Vanilli girl, you know it's true  
012 Derek B good groove  
013 Midnight Star don't rock the boat  
014 Bill Withers lovely day  
015 Mantronix simple simon  
016 Mantronix sing a song  
017 Sade paradise  
018 The Boys dail my heart  
019 Surface I missed  
020 Bobby Brown wevery little step I take  
021 Alan Champagne King flirt  
022 Loose ends watching me  
023 Rick James loose's rap  
024 Pebbles take your time  
025 B.V.S.M.P. I need you  
026 Franklin Brown don't blame it on the boogie  
027 Sweet usion gonna get over you  
028 Run DMC run's house  
029 Derek B bad young brother  
030 Salt 'n Pepa get up everybody  
031 Bobby Brown don't be cruel  
032 Vannessa Williams he's got the look  
033 Salt 'n Pepa shake your thing  
034 Alexander O'neal never knew love like this  
035 Alexander O'neal hot lovers  
036 Atlantic Starr let the sun in  
037 Erik B & Rakim I know you got soul  
038 Wee papa girl rappers faith  
039 The four seasons oh, what a night  
040 James Brown I'm real  
041 Spoonie Gee the godfather  
042 Verticale hold the summertime  
043 Alf stuck on earth  
044 Karin White the way to love me  
045 Ice T I'm your pusher  
046 The Passadenas tribute (right on)  
047 Coldcut stop this crazy thing  
048 Scritty Polity boom, there she was  
049 Will Downing in your eyes  
050 5 Star there's a brand new world  
051 B.V.S.M.P. be gentle  
052 Pebbles do me right  
053 Tony Scott pick up the pieces  
054 Mark Anthony 1919 mainstreet  
055 Dynasty don't waste my time  
056 Johnny Kemp dancing with myself  
057 Dazz brick  
058 Michael Jackson another part of me  
059 Pet Shop Boys domino dancing  
060 Will Downing in my dreams  
061 Mica Paris one temptation  
062 Milli Vanoty give me five  
063 Morris Day fishnet  
064 5 Star rock the world  
065 Mac Band stale mate  
066 The real Roxanne respect  
067 Tawatha are you serious  
068 Hindsight stand up  
069 James Brown stadic  
070 Joys Sims walk away  
071 Bussel I'll wait for you  
072 Froon Bobby Mugabe  
073 Vannessa Williams the right stuff  
074 Herbie Hancock beat wise  
075 Simon Harris bass  
076 Flim Flam Gang pump up the flim flam  
077 Jody Watley most of all  
078 Bass pitbull terreer  
079 Nicole rock the house  
080 Howert Yovard strange relationship  
081 Centerfold party rebel  
082 Imagination instinctual  
083 Cut to shock put that record back on  
084 Full Force your love is def  
085 Siedah Garret K.I.S.S.I.N.G.  
086 Tom Jones kiss  
087 Matt Bianco good times  
088 5 Star another weekend  
089 Jesse Johnson love struck  
090 Raymond Adriaans the samplification  
091 Jeffrey Osborne she's on the left  
092 Afrika Bambataa reckless  
093 Rick Astley together forever  
094 Shanice Wilson no half steppin'  
095 Rene Moore all or nothing  
096 David Cole you take my breath away  
097 Bomb the Bass beat this  
098 Criminal Orchestra put the needle on the record  
099 Dale Simon simon  
100 Pia Zadora dance out of my head  
101 Pebbles mercedes boy  
102 Kylie Minoque I should be so lucky  
103 Womack & Womack live is just a ballgame  
104 Paula Abdul knocked out  
105 Chad fast music love and promises  
106 Good question got a new love  
107 Was not was spy in the house  
108 Bomb the Bass megablast  
109 Johnny Kemp just got paid  
110 Ellert love lies  
111 Whitney Houston love will save the day  
112 Shanice Wilson boyfriend  
113 S' Express superfly guy  
114 Narada divine emotions  
115 S' Express s' express  
116 Rebbie Jackson plaything  
117 The System coming to America  
118 Coldcut doctorin' the house  
119 Georgio bedrock  
120 Mel & Kim that's the way it is  
121 Taylor Dayne prove your love  
122 L.A. Mix check this out  
123 Micro Wave star searching  
124 Taylor Dayne tell it to my heart  
125 Eart, wind & fire turn on  
126 Samantha Fox love house  
127 Innercity big fun  
128 Krush housearrest  
129 The Revellettes the only one  
130 Pure energie I wanna know  
131 Debbie Gibson shake your love  
132 Royal Party can you party  
133 Hithouse jack to the sound  
134 Yazz stand up for your love rights  
135 Tatjana cubana  
136 Yazz the only way is up  
137 Bomb the Bass don't make me wait  
138 Innercity good life  
139 The Jacksons raggs to riches  
140 Salt 'n Pepa push it  
141 Nathalie Cole pink cadillac  
142 5 Star somewhere somebody  
143 Kim Wilde never trust a stranger  
144 Pet Shop Boys left to my own devices  
145 Pet Shop Boys you're always  
146 New Order the beach  
147 Outro jaarmix 1988