Radio Mixes

A special chapter in The Dutch Dance Detective's life was making mixes for radio stations. Mostly a short mix (approx 10 minutes) from one artist, a mash-up mix or an own production. All the mixes below were broadcasted on radio stations in Holland like: Radio 538, Radio 3, Vloh FM (Hoofddorp) and Radio Haarlem (Haarlem). He likes to thank all the radio dj's that suported his over the years: Edwin Evers, Richard van Keulen, Giel Beelen, Michael Balters, Peter Vogelaar, Mark Bergt and Pedro van Looy. Some of the radio mixes are provided with a personal note or info about the mix.

Datum Name Length
20-01-2015 Radio 538 - Evers Staat Op Verzoekmix  5:15
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracklist:
Miami Sound Machine - Conga
Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah
Real II Reel - I Like To Move It
Max Graham vs. Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer
10-01-2015   Radio 538 - Evers Staat Op  4:22
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracklist:
Redlight - 9TS
Daft Punk - One More Time
Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
Double Trouble - Just Keep Rockin'
Spiller - Groove Jet
Mc Sar & The Real McCoy - It's On You
Wee Papa Girlrappers - It's Like That
Mousse T - Horny
20-12-2014   Radio 538 - Evers Staat Op  4:43
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracklist:
Bobby Brown - Every little step
Bart Simpson - Do the Bartman
Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block
Destiny's Child - Bug A Boo
Full Force - Alice, I Want You Just For Me
10-12-2014 Radio 538 - Evers Staat Op Verzoekmix  4:36
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracklist:
Faithless - God Is A Dj
Spargo - You And Me
Time Bandits - I'm Only Shooting Stars
Right Said Fred - Too Sexy
05-12-2014 Radio 538 - Evers Staat Op Verzoekmix  
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracklist:
Soft Cell - Tanted Love
Scooter - Weekend
Charley Lownoise & Mental Theo - Just Can't Get Enough
01-12-2014 Radio 538 - Every Staat Op Verzoekmix  3:51
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracklist:
Theme From S-Express
Bros - When Will I Be Famous
Yazz - The Only Way Is Up
24-11-2014   Radio 538 - Evers Staat op  4:07
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracklist:
Infernal - From Paris To Berlin
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head
Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall
Max Graham vs Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Felix - Don't You Want Me
Salt 'n' Pepa - Push It
Will I Am Feat. Britney Spears - Scream & Shout
19-11-2014   Radio 538 - Evers Staat op  4:45
  This mix was broadcasted as a part of "Die Verruckte Halbe Stude" on the most populair show in Holland: Evers Staat Op.Tracks:
BB&Q Band - On The Beat
Adeva - Respect
Rockers Revenge Feat. Danny Calvin - Walking On Sunshine
Tramaine - Fall Down (Spirit Of Love)
Madonna - Voque
Lady Gaga
11-02-2012 Whitney Houston Final House Mix  
  After the death of Whitney Houston, this mix was made as appreciation and honor for her contribution to dance music. It is a special selection of available and usable dance remixes. The mix was broadcasted on several Radio Stations over Holland.  
29-8-2009 Michael Jackson Final House Mix 59:07
  This was a very special day for me and for the rest of the world, this day was the birthday from Michael jackson who died earlier this year. I made this mix and it was broadcasted on 15 radiostations around Holland on this same day. At some hours the one hour mix was played at four stations at the same time. Every view minutes my telephone ring for and interview, I was at an amusement park with my oldest daughter that day  
22-8-2009 Cew & Crut - I just (Rene van Aken remix) 03:23
  For this bootleg remix the original midi file from "I just died in your arms" was used. It was tranceformed in an uplifting house version with trance influences. This remix was chosen to broadcast on national dance radio station Fresh FM with an interview  
2008 Grand cafe de 20ste eeuw PART 1 met Richard van Keulen (dutch) 57:50
16-2-2007 One hour live set @ radio Aalsmeer 57:58
  A good friend Dennis Beunder has a radio show at radio Aalsmeer (Holland) and asked me to do a one hour mix, no problem  
14-5-2005 Renew - little angel 10:38
  A little suprise in the studio @ radio Haarlem, I presented my new track "little angel"  
9-4-2005 Renew feat. Miss MK - shivers up my spine 13:53
  I did this track with a female singer from the neighbourhood. I used my connection at radio Haarlem, we got an interview and we even made it to the Haarlem chart  
12-6-1999 The Sander and Erik morning jam mix 04:15
  Radio 538 is the most populair radio station in Holland. At this time there was a show called the morning jam with two radio dj's. I recorded there voices and made a nice mix. It was broadcasted and I was in the studio  
1-3-1996 Donna Summer - Last dance  05:06  
  The very very last mix of the "downtown"show. The mix worked out very well. The in- and outro was from the muppet show, an item I used for several mixing contests. The vinyl record I borrowed from Vincent.  
23-2-1996 Fugees megamix  06:25  
  From the Fugees there where always exclusive remixes on vinyl. Mostly limited editions which you had to fight for at the record store. The pressing and sound quality of those mixes where not so very good.  
16-2-1996 Todd Terry - Jumpin'  06:14
9-2-1996 Moby -James bond theme  06:34
  This is the one and only mix that wasn't saved from the original broadcast version. The DAT tape master broke in half. With some plastic tape a shorter version of the mix was saved.  
2-2-1996 Fast eddie megamix  04:58
  Hiphouse music and Fast Eddie was great. Actualy everything from the Chicago record label  
26-1-1996 Rene van Aken - potpourri dance mix 08:19
19-1-1996 Krush housearrest work your hody to the beat 2 05:56
12-1-1996 Total touch - touch me  04:07
  On the maxi-cd there was an accapella version, thanks!!!  
5-1-1996 Krush - Housearrest  06:38
  You have to listen very good but there's a sample of housearrest in the middle.   
1-12-1995 Blue records megamix 11:39
  Blue records was a good record label. If there was a new release there was only one thing you had to do,... buy it!. Sometimes there was a less good release but you still had to buy it to keep the whole serries complete  
24-11-1995 Prince - when doves cry III  04:51
  To join the finals of the housemix championship was great. One specific moment in the mix went very bad. Three records at the same time (with the faders open) was difficult. Afterwards this idea was safely edited in the studio, great mash-up  
17-11-1995 Kadoc - the next train 05:34
10-11-1995 Farley jackmaster funk -  love can't tum around 08:05
3-11-1995 Shaggy loverboy says, why does she treat me so bad  05:04
  For the intro a cartoon episode of the Tazmanian Devil was used  
27-10-1995 Rene van Aken - de verhouse miks 05:54
20-10-1995 Simply red - fairground 06:56
13-10-1995 Speed Timmy T up one more mix mix 05:27
6-10-1995 Whitney Houston megamix  06:49
  Megamixes were always nice, Whitney was never been chosen before. On purpuse mixed with Bobby Brown  
29-9-1995 Dub di dub di dub 06:36
22-9-1995 Hmmm ahh mr lover voor de 2e keer mix 06:52
15-9-1995 Shaggy - boombastic a lover lover speed it up 7.05 mix 07:06
8-9-1995 Janet jackson - what have you done for me lately '95  06:25
  Every view weeks there was a moment of writers block, let's look into the archive, hé an accapella from Janet Jackson  
1-9-1995 2 Brothers happy hardcore rave extended jungle lick mix  07:23
  From this single "come take my hand" were a lot of good remixes, some housy, some with a jungle vibe and a balled verion. I chose the best ones and mixed them up.  
1-9-1995 2 Brothers happy hardcore rave extended jungle lick mix  07:23
  From this single "come take my hand" were a lot of good remixes, some housy, some with a jungle vibe and a balled verion. I chose the best ones and mixed them up.  
25-8-1995 Doe maar - bele helene  01:18
  Three short mixes on one night from a populair dutch reaggae band  
25-8-1995 Doe maar - sinds 1 dag of2 01:30
25-8-1995 Doe maar - de bom 01:27
18-8-1995 Rene van Aken - mellow mix  07:04
11-8-1995 Whigfield - think of you  07:24  
  This was the one and only mix that was broadcasted as the original DMC mix because of a time problem issue. I only added the intro, the disneyland Paris train. This audio was originaly recorded by me in the Disney park  
4-8-1995 Bobby brown mix  06:39  
  All the Bobby Brown dance mixes in one mix  
28-7-1995 Montel Jordan - this is how we do it  05:44
21-7-1995 Michael Jackson mix  06:20  
  IDP and DMC were always providing hot new remixes. This Michael jackson was shortened to a mix of 6 minutes  
14-7-1995 Rene van Aken - the hit summer mix 05:51  
  Nice and uplifting mix, with lots of mixing technics and samples   
7-7-1995 Rene van Aken - the back ones again come follow me ahhah remix 06:06
30-6-1995 Rene van Aken vs. Vincent Burggraeve - acid mix  06:48
  Together with Vincent Burggraeve this mix was made as a demo for an acid cd. It never worked out  
16-6-1995 Whitney Houston - I'm your baby tonight  06:39  
16-6-1995 T-spoon - see the light  06:21
9-6-1995 Rene van Aken - Gogull mix feat. Mandy  05:34  
  This anthem was made for the club Dance Factory 'the Gogull'. The female voice is from Mandy Twuifer  
2-6-1995 Donna Summer - I feel love  06:48  
  So many remixes from this track, let's add this one  
26-5-1995 Carona - baby baby  08:02
19-5-1995 Traffasi - kleine wasjes grate wasjes  05:55
12-5-1995 New get wild power get wild generation get wild get wild mix  08:24
28-4-1995 Celine Dion - think twice  05:54
21-4-1995 Rene van Aken - keep it cool dj and save her life in the mix mix  06:16
14-4-1995 Prince Mega mix  06:32  
  The official title name of this mix: Get off you partyman, you controversy rasbarry beret u the look when doves cry so let's batdance in 1999 while we kiss cream in alphabet street. One of the radio dj's Giel Beelen was asking for this mix but it was so much work that he had to wait a little bit longer  
7-4-1995 Michael Bolton - how am I suppose to live without you  01:28  
  One of the former girlfriends liked this Michael Bolton artist but it was more than awfull, time to rape this song  
7-4-1995 Boyz II men - thank you (remix club versie)  05:03  
  The samples of this track were still loaded in the sampler, let's make a house version  
31-3-1995 Boyz II men - thank you  04:27  
  There was a producing contest on national radio 3. The accapella version of this track was broadcasted live. The best mixer would get a release on the maxi-cd single.   
24-3-1995 The 2 Unlimited let the beat face the maximum overdrive here I go mix  07:28
17-3-1995 Rene van Aken feat. Giel Beelen and Richard van Keulen - the 100th downtown mix  06:51  
  It was a very nice time with radio dj's Richard van Keulen and Giel Beelen. There voices were recorded for this 100 episode mix. Giel really liked the song Kanonball (a rock song), the bassline was used. Looking back it wasn't the 100 episode after all  
10-3-1995 Pittig gekruide happy house mix  07:14  
  With: Herbie, Ultimate Seduction, Mental Theo, Mark oh, Interactive, U96. The intro comes from a special cartoon DAT tape with great samples  
3-3-1995 Marrs - pump up the volume 04:53
3-3-1995 Marrs - pump up the volume (the samples) 00:49
24-2-1995 Mellow mix (Duke, dominica, grooveyard, luvspunge) 06:07
17-2-1995 Smurfen mix 05:55
10-2-1995 Rene van Aken - dance on the mix  05:48
  One time there was a rock band in the studio. As a joke radio dj Giel Beelen said: let Rene van Aken make a remix of your new song. They provided a cassette tape with a bad sound quality accapella. The track was remixed in the best way possible. The band was a little bit lauchy about the mix. Something felt like: why did we start with it in the first place  
3-2-1995 Baby D - let me be your fantasy 05:41
20-1-1995 Rene van Aken - open house mix 04:56
  There was a move to another house with a brand new studio. Every move you tried to make a nicer studio with better isolation for the neighbours  
13-1-1995 Doop - hugglebeary jam 05:59
13-1-1995 Doop - hugglebeary jam (the samples) 00:16
6-1-1995 Carpenters II (jungle version) 01:00
6-1-1995 Carpenters I (slow version)  01:17
  A lot of snow this year time for an appropiate mix in style  
00-12-1994 Yearmix teaser instrumental 00:28
  This is the instrumental version of the teaser they played over and over again in the month december  
16-12-1994 Yearmix preview real II real megamix 03:05
  December was very busy making the yearmix, not so good for your health, patience and relationship. In this episode a small preview for the yearmix. Real II Real had 3 or 4 hits this year so they were mixed together  
4-11-1994 2 Brothers - let me be free 06:18
4-11-1994 Rene van Aken - Junglemix 58:16
  Jungle music was hot in 1994, that's why I made this one hour special mix. It was broadcasted on radio Haarlem  
28-10-1994 Louis Armstrong - here we go 06:02
21-10-1994 Finale mix cd championship '94  18:48
  I won the dutch Denon cd mix championship in Hotel Arena in Amsterdam. I won the Denon cd players and made to the newspapers, this is the winning mix.   
14-10-1994 Beethoven 5  05:16  
  In the replay  
7-10-1994 Rene van Aken - don't stop shaking that ass wiggle wiggle shut the fuck up energy mix  06:58
30-9-1994 Rene van Aken - de let me feel you move 155 beats per minute om gek van te worden mix  05:00
23-9-1994 James Bond - octopussy '94  06:02  
  As a suprise for radio Richard van Keulen this mix was made. He had the oppinion that this was the best James Bond movie ever. It was a lot of work watching the movie and sample all of the best parts. A view weeks were spent on this mix  
16-9-1994 Rene van Aken - de er kan nog meer bij gooi het er allemaal maar in groenbak mix  06:39  
  A Rene van Aken production and for that time a nice one too. A lot of variation  
9-9-1994 C+C music factory - do you wanna get funky  05:02
  On the dubble vinyl record was the accapella version. It was a littlebit tricky to remix Clivilles and Cole, those guys were really good. It worked out pretty well  
2-9-1994 Rene van Aken - it's just a funky beat  08:05
19-8-1994 Rene van Aken - de pak allemaal je paard en spring erop cowboy mix  05:00
  Populair in that time were the cowboy house song, time for a commercial megamix  
12-8-1994 Kristine W -feel what you want  05:57
5-8-1994 2 Brothers mega mix 2  05:48
  Nice megamix with lots of work put into it. Separate from the usual mixing there was a lot of cutting tape involved. The sampler made that a lot easier  
29-7-1994 Rene van Aken - bring me your love and feel the vibe, damn woman  06:27  
  Mixes like this were very nice to make, select a view records and mix em up, just like the titel of the mix  
22-7-1994 Janet Jackson - throb  07:30
16-7-1994 2 Brothers on the 4th floor - dreams  05:57
9-7-1994 Rene van Aken - WK mix Nederland Ierland  04:25  
  Pretty tough for a non-football lover  
1-7-1994 Mariah carey - anytime  10:46
24-6-1994 Rene van Aken - hiccups  04:26
11-6-1994 Toni Braxton - love song  06:53
3-6-1994 Rene van Aken - ooops  04:17
13-5-1994 Sample potpourri  07:44  
13-5-1994 Sample potpourri (the samples)  00:16
  Those mixes were nice to make, a loop and a lot of samples, not to much work. The averrage time to make a mix was 10 hours  
6-5-1994 Haddaway - rock my heart  06:14
29-4-1994 Klatsch potpourri  08:35
22-4-1994 Culture beat - mega mix  09:05
15-4-1994 Atlantic ocean - waterfall  06:00
8-4-1994 Dr Alban - album mix  07:33
1-4-1994 Real II Real - I like to move it  06:38  
  Play exactly the right melody as the original was sometimes hard. This mix is a good example  
25-3-1994 Potpourri - diversen artists  07:58
  Looking back this mix should be called the potpourri euro house mix  
18-3-1994 Capella - move on baby  06:01
18-3-1994 Capella - move on baby (the samples) 00:10
11-3-1994 Tag team - whoomp! (there it is)  05:32  
  One of the best radio mixes. It's a mix of everything, the right samples, a nice accapella and a good house line. Everything comes together   
11-3-1994 Tag team - whoomp ! (there it is) (the samples)  00:15
4-3-1994 Rufus & Chaka Khan - ain't nobody  05:04
25-2-1994 Sagat - fuk dat  05:48  
  Sometimes making a mix took more than a week, when the mix wasn't finished you had to come up with something quick. This mix took 2 or 3 weeks, you can hear this in the final result  
25-2-1994 Sagat - fuk dat (the samples)  00:46
18-2-1994 Bjork -play dead  04:52
11-2-1994 Doop - doop  05:14
11-2-1994 Doop - doop (the samples)  00:11  
  Finding the right samples and be original wasn't always easy. It sure costs a lot of time  
4-2-1994 Beavis & Butthead mix  05:38
  Another own production. Sometimes the capacity of the memory of the sampler was short, there was always another way to play trics  
28-1-1994 Fresh fruit mega mix 13:26
  I remember that famous radio dj Giel Beelen really liked this mix. Actualy my work wasn't much I made a very short verion of the original fresh fruit cd compilation  
21-1-1994 Ace of Base mega mix 07:11
7-1-1994 2 Brothers on the 4th floor mega mix 09:18
0-0-1994 Radio mix intro 00:51
  From now on this intro was used for all the radio mixes so that people recognize the mix  
0-0-1994 Housemix 2 60:04
  A one hour uplifting house mix part 2 broadcasted on radio Haarlem  
2-12-1993 Yearmix radio teaser for Vloh FM 00:42
1-12-1993 Yearmix radio teaser for Radio Haarlem 00:40
29-10-1993 Rene van Aken - Birdhouse III  04:51
  The last version of this series. The radio dj Richard van Keulen liked the second version the best  
15-10-1993 4 Non Blondes - what's going on  05:21
  There were a lot of remixes from pop songs, this was one of them. Not many people knew this version so I used it for an other remix  
29-10-1993 Mariah carey - dream(team) lover 07:52
22-10-1993 Dj Bobo ft Rockwell - the somebody's watching me, dance with me remix 04:56  
8-10-1993 Urban cookie collective - the key 05:51  
1-10-1993 Tony toni tone - if I had no loot  05:37
  A very nice mix where everyting comes together. Lots of left and right effects from the samplers, this was not allways coming out if the broadcast was mono (grrr)  
24-9-1993 2 Unlimited - faces 05:57
17-9-1993 Ace of base - happy nation 06:19
10-9-1993 Twenty 4 seven - slave to the music  05:22
  The intro came from a carspeaker test cd I borrowed from Menno Varkevisser. Nice energy and happy mix with lots of samples  
10-9-1993 Twenty 4 seven - slave to the music (the samples) 00:16
  There was a routine of playing all the used samples at the end of the mix, I really have no idea how we got into that  
27-8-1993 Haddaway - life 06:36
20-8-1993 Janet jackson - if 06:07
13-8-1993 The Chaka demus & Mr vain teased me mix  07:46
  What later is called mash-ups I already did several times. Mix two or more records together. This is a very original one  
6-8-1993 Gabrielle - dreams  05:19
  A lot of good remixes from this track, let's mash them up  
30-7-1993 The cool breeze, cool corona, cool elvis met vallen en opstaan meehups mix 05:47
23-7-1993 The clubhopping haddaway what is rob 'n raz love mix 05:37
16-7-1993 Snap - do you see the light  06:12
  I really like this mix, a lot of things come together. Beatifull intro, fresh samples and self played music. Still quite different from the original  
9-7-1993 Dance 2 trance 2 - I believe 05:30
2-7-1993 Culture beat - mr. vain 06:16
18-6-1993 Dance 2 trance - I believe 06:00
  For the intro I used music from the movie Basic Instinct, the rest I played myself. If you listen very well to the voice samples you hear a soft beep. This was a problem I could not solve on my Roland W30. With short samples he just did that.  
11-6-1993 Housemix 1 57:56
  A one hour uplifting house mix broadcasted on radio Haarlem  
11-6-1993 Jenny bee - wanna get your house 05:10
5-6-1993 Jade - don't walk away 05:39
  I got a lot of reaction on the intro with the answeringmachine of Jade, where I got it from. It was just on the maxi single at the end of one of the remixes, I just put it at the beginning.   
29-5-1993 Janet Jackson - that's the way love goes 05:31
21-5-1993 Rene van Aken - the downtown dope remix 09:43
  This mix is separated in two part, fast and slow. For both parts I used the same samples in a diffent order.   
14-5-1993 2 Unlimited - tribal dance 08:34
14-5-1993 Nico Haak megamix 03:28
  Again this was a lot of work, all the tracks of this dutch party singer, that passed away, were drummed by hand (and the drummer was drunk)   
8-5-1993 Haddaway - what is love 05:23
1-5-1993 2 Boys - I won't let you down 05:10
24-4-1993 Rene Klein - mr. blue 04:40
17-4-1993 The Radios - she goes nana 05:05
  A request mix by the girlfriend of Peter Vogelaar. She really think it sucked  
10-4-1993 Snow - informer 04:59
3-4-1993 Ace of base - all that she wants 05:19
27-3-1993 Leila K - open sesame 05:01
19-3-1993 NRG - I need your love 06:16
12-3-1993 Rene van Aken - downtown where are all the voices remix  04:01  
12-3-1993 Rene van Aken - downtown where are all the voices samples  00:17
  This is the mix with the dutch voices of: Richard van Keulen, Pedro van Looy en Peter Vogelaar. Recording the voices happend live during broadcast  
5-3-1993 Whitney Houston - I'm every woman  08:02
26-2-1993 Captain Hollywood project - more and more  08:02
  I sometimes liked to add a special in and outro to the mix, for this mix I used Looney Tunes jingles  
19-2-1993 2 Unlimited - no limit  06:52
12-2-1993 Charles & Eddie - would I lie to you  05:14  
  After a short stop this was the first mix to be broadcasted on Floh FM again. Between radio stations it was always a battle who could broadcast my mix first  
29-1-1993 Rene van Aken - house mix  09:06
15-1-1993 Musical Youth - pass the dutchie  05:26  
  Here you can hear the first jungle influences, a while later very populair  
31-12-1992 Yearmix 1992 (thanks in dutch) 02:36
13-11-1992 Rene van Aken - downtown mix  04:07  
  The reason for this own production was to add samples of the voices of the radio dj's: Richard van Keulen, Pedro van Looy en Peter Vogelaar. To inspire the guys this track was broadcasted in the instrumental version  
30-10-1992 Stick to your thing  05:48
16-10-1992 Rene van Aken - simplicity  04:11
  Even years later it is fun to hear this back, let's use the Roland W30 to his maximum  
2-10-1992 Rene van Aken - try it twice  05:29  
  Own production were I used samples from a documentary about drugs  
18-9-1992 Beethoven edit  04:36
5-9-1992 Michael Jackson - Jam  06:28  
  There were so many remixes of this track, time for a mix from the remixes  
28-8-1992 Rene van Aken - birdhouse II  05:00  
  I got some positieve reaction from the original mix, time for a remix  
7-8-1992 Corry Konigs - mooi was die tijd  02:15
7-8-1992 Beertje 02:24  
  A famous dutch kids song, what I remember was to make it a tight house mix was very difficult since the original composer was unable to keep time  
24-7-1992 Rene van Aken - thank god it's friday  04:37  
  Thank god for inventing samplers.  
10-7-1992 Rozalla megamix  07:02
26-6-1992 George michael - too funky  07:37
13-6-1992 Euphoria - love you right !  06:52  
  Piano work by my niece for the intro  
6-6-1992 Beethoven 5  05:36  
  Another production by myself. If Beethoven could hear this he would turn in his grave  
4-4-1992 Jamie Loring & Kim Sims  06:04
21-3-1992 Chris rea - josephine  05:57  
  This is the baddest mix I ever made, the tones are soooo flat. This was the favourite track of my former girlfriend  
7-3-1992 Rene van Aken - Vloh fortuna  06:34  
  Sometimes it was diffficult to come up with new stuff. Around this periode I bought my Roland W30 sampler, it was quite an investment for me but,…. Lets play  
22-2-1992 We got a love thang when love calls desire you to move your body  06:13  
  The idea for those long titels came actualy from Ben Iiebrand, use all the titels and mix them up to one sentense  
8-2-1992 Rene van Aken - birdhouse  06:07  
  The favourite mix from my good friend Richard van Keulen. The idea was pretty simple, take a cd with bird sounds an load them into your sampler  
25-1-1992 Snap - colour my love  06:37
11-1-1992 GTST house mix   
  I borrowed this drumcomputer from Alex Vermeulen. I think my niece played the tones from this dutch serries "Goede tijden, slechte tijden"  
11-1-1992 Sonic Surfers - having a great time  04:57
28-12-1991 East side beat - ride like the thunder mix  06:36
30-11-1991 Michael Jackson - black or white  05:03  
  I used some samples from the brilljant video clip  
23-11-1991 Lisa Stansfield - change  05:30
19-10-1991 Rozalla - born to luv ya  04:33
12-10-1991 Paris Red - good friend  06:24  
  This was one of my favourite tracks in that time, I attached some extra items like the famous "ohh yeah" hiphouse loop and an accapella from a rap from an other track  
5-10-1991 Sister Sledge - we are family  05:43
28-9-1991 Rene van Aken - house mix  05:15  
  Lets take one empty house song (sorry can't remember the name) and load it up with as much samples from other records as possible. Several times the mix goes back to the base of that one song  
21-9-1991 The Trammps - zing went the strings  04:49  
  This was a request mix from one of the owners of a club I was working at that time, his name John Castemiller  
14-9-1991 Incognito & Guy  05:30
31-8-1991 Corry Konings - mooi was die tijd  02:14  
  An extra mix that night, a joke remix from a dutch female singer with lots of populair house samples  
31-8-1991 Cristal Waters - makin' happy  04:58  
  The famous track of Cristal Waters was of course Gipsy Woman. The idea behind this mix from Makin' happy was to use a loop that had the same monotonous sound  
17-8-1991 Classic house mix  06:34
3-8-1991 Heavy D & the boys - now that we found love  05:26
20-7-1991 Nadieh - words  04:57
6-7-1991 Deee lite megamix  06:10
22-6-1991 Sidah Warwick & Whitney Houston mashup 07:13
8-6-1991 Cherelle & Alexander O'neal - saturaday love  05:51  
  A nice mix, I only used the acapella from Saturday love, the rest was a variation of music that I picked. It wasn´t easy to combine so many songs together  
25-5-1991 La tour - people are still having sex  05:29  
  Funny about this mix is the variation in speed. The end is 15 BPM faster than the beginning.   
11-5-1991 Lonnie Gordon - I'm gonna catch you  03:40  
  This is the first mix where I used a drumcomputer, I borrowed it from Alex Vermeulen. The acapella was from Lonnie Gorden, the rest was made up by me. Real basic stuff  
27-4-1991 George Michael - father figure  06:37
30-3-1991 Married with children - the Bundy mix  04:18  
  The hit sesies married with children was famous in Holland. I recorderd a few episodes and used some funny samples. Making a mix was a little bit primitive for me in that time, I had to dub this mix 5 times to get all the samples right. A funny mix and a lack of quality was the result  
23-2-1991 Snap megamix  05:19
26-1-1991 Variety with 2 Brothers on the 4th floor, Deee lite, Action, C+C music factory 05:53
1-12-1990 The B-sides megamix  06:42
3-11-1990 Whitney Houston - I'm your baby tonight  06:39  
  One of my first girlfriends Angeligue Vermeulen had a friend Pedro van Looy who worked at a big local radio station Vloh FM in Hoofddorp (Holland). As a pilot project I made this first mix, the idea was don´t make it to difficult just right  
1987 Disco dance hip hop megamix 12:21
  The hotest music magazine in Holland was "Disco Dance". With one of my friends called Marcel I made this hiphop mix on a taperecorder. We send the mix to the magazine and got an article placed about the mix. You can see the article in the photo gallery